Patrol leader for the fifth patrol. Gruff-mannered but cool-headed, Rowan is an unexceptional guardmouse who relies on his long experience to see his patrol through.


He never bats an eye! What does it take to impress him?"
- Finn, complaining to Garrow

Rowan is a blond-furred mouse who is just starting to gray, with an especially long and twisting tail. His cloak color is orange.

Rowan is a native of Walnutpeck who joined the guard before the city fell, and has outlived both his parents and most of his childhood acquaintances. In it’s place, he’s found a second home in the guard, and has repaid the order with his long and dedicated service. Rowan boasts an exceptionally long list of successfully promoted tenderpaws, some of which have grown up to count among his closest friends, and is generally considered either a talented tutor or an excellent scout for talent.

Others describe him as gruff but fair, hard to rouse (in morning or argument), and naturally authoritative. In combat, he favors the spear.


Nature: 5
Will: 5
Health: 4

Fighter: 3
Instructor: 3
Pathfinder: 4
Scout: 2
Survivalist: 3
Weather-watcher: 2
Loremouse: 5
Mason: 2
Glazier: 3
Persuader: 4

Tenderpaw-wise: 2
Forest-wise: 2
Fields-wise: 2
Rocky-wise: 2
Governor-wise: 2

Calm (2)


Mouseguard: Fifth Patrol Graviiga