A son of Barkstone, a convict, a Tenderpaw.


Age: 17
Nature: 5
Will: 2
Health: 6

Fighter: 2
Pathfinder: 2
Scout: 2
Weather Watcher: 2
Laborer: 2
Potter: 2
Baker: 2
Brewer: 2
Haggler: 2
Orator: 2
Deceiver: 2

Rebellion-wise: 2

Steady Paw


A young gray-fur that came of age in the years after the Winter War, Noelan’s life was shaped in large part by Midnight’s Black Axe Rebellion, which had its genesis in his hometown of Barkstone. Noelan’s family came from an unimportant but respected lineage with a history of placing its sons in the Mouse Guard, a tradition his father not only failed to live up to, but betrayed utterly when he joined as a mouse-at-arms in Midnight’s Army of the Axe, only to fall at Lockhaven. His father’s shame was compounded by additional loss, in that Noelan’s uncle, a respected Patrol Guard, also met his end at the Siege of Lockhaven, depriving his family of its two leading male heads. With social disgrace and, more importantly, economic hardship bearing down hard on the family, Noelan was forced to grow up quickly as his mother worked to support a struggling brewery business. In the most dire of times, thieving proved a necessary option.

It was these crimes of desperation that ended the young mouse up on the wrong side of the law, and he was imprisoned for a few months for a string of petty crimes by Abram, the new Commander of the Barkstone Guard in the wake of Midnight’s failed insurrection. To this day, the Commander doubts any good can come from the young gray-fur. While he doubts Noelan will prove himself worthy of the Guard, the Commander is glad to be rid of the thief, if even for a short time.

After his release from prison, during which time he was greatly influenced by the Skeptic school of philosophy that had taken root in Barkstone’s library and lyceum, Noelan set off for Lockhaven with his cousin Grahame, each to join the vaunted Mouse Guard as Tenderpaws. But whereas Grahame was going to continue his fallen parent’s legacy of service and honor, Noelan was going seeking redemption for his father’s sins and to find answers to questions he found more intriguing than mere familial debts. But for now, he is a debtor, and payments must be rendered.

In combat, Noelan favors the halberd, the traditional weapon of Barkstone.


Mouseguard: Fifth Patrol Thermidor