A young and eager true believer, Finn is determined to show the Guard is a force for good in the world, and that he can meet his own impossibly high standards.


“I don’t understand, captain…why are you here? The mission is for the greater good.”
- Finn, chiding Rowan for attempting to rescue him

Finn is a lean, auburn-furred mouse who has recently been initiated as a full guardmouse. His cloak color is white.

Finn is a working-class harvester from Elmoss who grew up dreaming of the guard life, despite the pressures of a hard reality, and eventually cut all ties to home and family to pursue his bright ideal. He has spent his entire time in the guard under the tutelage of Rowan, and has shown a surprising knack for healing, fighting, and working with tools. To Finn, the mouseguard is an order of heroes, and that belief inspires him to equal parts recklessness and valor.

Others describe him as idealistic, young, and impulsive, with a heart that’s always in the right place. In combat, Finn favors his one-bladed carpenter’s axe.



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