Mouseguard: Fifth Patrol

Entry 1: 1154, Early Spring

A village besieged; Murder of Crows

The fifth patrol, headed by captain Rowan, was reformed for the coming Spring. Their first mission was to re-establish contact with the village of Sandstone, which the territories have had no contact with since the preceding Fall. To this end, the patrol was to escort and oversee a mass supply trade between Lockhaven and Sandstone, then safely return with the village’s signature glass-work.

On arriving, however, the patrol discovered that Sandstone was under siege from a murder of crows which had taken roost in the heights of a nearby tree, and had been pillaging the city to steal their crafts-work. After rallying the mice of Sandstone, the patrol agreed to help them drive off the crows.

Using the Lockhaven supplies as a decoy, the patrol set a trap for the crows which prevented them from taking flight, successfully killing or mortally wounding most of them. They then tracked the survivors back to their roost and successfully destroyed their nests, recovering the glass-work and liberating the village.



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