Mouseguard: Fifth Patrol

Entry 4: 1154, Early Summer

A bloody beauty; brotherly love; the musfire fever

After the harrowing experience of the previous mission, the fifth patrol was given a simple assignment to help with their recovery: manage recruitment for the mouseguard at the Musfire games in Elmoss, escorting travelers along the way. This was particularly problematic for Finn, who had run away from home to join the guard and left on bad terms with his family. Additionally, Garrow discovered that the merchant Ivy was one of the travelers he was charged with protecting, and there was no love lost between the two.

On the road to the city, the caravan encountered a wandering skunk which was attracted to the food the merchants were escorting. Although Rowan attempted to defuse the conflict to prevent the grain from becoming contaminated by the skunk’s musk, Garrow attacked the creature to draw it away from the rest of the caravan. Although the skunk was successfully driven off, Ivy was injured in the conflict, marring her award-winning beauty.

At the games, Finn attempted to keep a low profile, but wound up registering for the games in an effort to impress his mentor. As a result, his family learned of his return, and he was drawn into a passionate argument with his brother Connor very near to the recruiting booth. He was able to control his temper well enough that the recruitment efforts were not very well disrupted, although the two failed to overcome their differences.

On the second day of the games, the patrol discovered that one of the foreign mice had brought a sickness with them to the games—an epidemic that was later called the Musfire Fever. The patrol worked tirelessly with the city’s doctors to tend to the sick and control the spread of the infection, successfully containing the disease before it became a raging pandemic. However, the city of Elmoss was ravaged as a consequence, and would not soon recover from their losses.



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