Mouseguard: Fifth Patrol

Entry 3: 1154, Late Spring

The edge of the world; An outsider army; A broken axle

In late spring, the fifth patrol was selected to join the team overseeing the re-pouring of the scent border along the western border of the territories. Their mission was to complete the lower third of the boundary, separating the city of Sprucetuck from the fallen town of Walnutpeck.

Almost immediately, the mission took a turn for the worst. Cold, heavy rain bombarded the patrol for nearly the entirety of the mission, and the patrol veered far off-course (due in part to Thorn’s map being completely ruined). While scaling a rain-slicked slope, the patrol lost control of the cart, sending it careening into the ravine and splitting the axle to render it unmovable. Several of the patrol were injured in the fall; Finn the tenderpaw was later injured while attempting to complete repairs, embarrassing himself in front of his mentor.

The patrol chose to take a day to recoup their losses and recover their morale, but the heavy rain turned to a powerful storm, robbing the deep-eared Thorn of any rest and the danger of their site stealing away any potential sleep. Now losing time and behind their timetable, the patrol chose to push onwards through the storm, culminating in a lightning flash felling a nearby tree and indirectly leading to a flash flood. The patrol successfully floated the scent cart through the storm, despite Garrow nearly drowning to keep it pushed above the tide.

After finally reaching their checkpoint, the fifth patrol was ambushed by a strange group of young mice, claiming to to come from the fallen city of Walnutpeck. They demanded the scent carts to protect their currently unshielded city, and threatened violence to get their way. Rowan and Finn successfully negotiated them down to half of what they wanted, and the two sides left peacefully.



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